Reaching for the Truth About Aliens Abductions and False Memory

Image from By the time 2005 rolled around, it had been about a decade since John Mack's much acclaimed book Abductionhad been released. It was gobbled up by alien believers, but attracted criticism from Mack's peers. To them, it was ludicrous that a Harvard psychologist should believe that little green men from outer space... Continue Reading →


Universal Deception for Every Taste: Aliens, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Spirit Guides, and the New Age

The world would have you believe that the various topics of what is considered to be the "paranormal" are - despite their common dark and mysterious nature - quite separable and independent of one another. However, as alternative theories are gradually given a voice (in UFO and Bigfoot circles, particularly), there are a growing number... Continue Reading →

Were Israelites Black?

We'll return to the origins of the occult next time. I've been having some writer's block lately, but managed to scrounge up some material for this post while engaging in an internet argument (nobody wins internet arguments, by the way). I realize this is a risky post, but it deals with a question that many... Continue Reading →

Did Nimrod Have a Fake Beard?

Did Nimrod have a fake beard? It looks fake.┬áThe short answer is: probably. But first we have to establish his historical identity so that we can reasonably reach that conclusion. History books, and even the bible, will tell you a very limited amount of information. They will say that Nimrod was "the mighty hunter" and... Continue Reading →

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